Terms and Conditions

Urext Ltd is a Private registered company, company number 14444759.  Our registered address is 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU.

By using this website, you implicitly agree to the terms and conditions as depicted below; no physical signature is necessary. If you are not in agreement with our terms and conditions/or have any queries please write to our admin staff and highlight any concerns you may have.


We are not part of the DVLA or affiliated with the DVLA. Our instructors are DVLA-approved. Our professional test checkers use the DVLA driving school portal to set up theory tests and driving tests. 

Outside Contractors and Service Providers.

We accept that if you contract with us as a service provider you have read these terms and conditions (and in as far as they relate to you) and that unless otherwise stated have accepted them and are contracted into them.

Urext Ltd also records calls from time to time from entities who offer/provide us with goods or services. Entities that provide us with services agree that these calls may be referred to in cases of disputes or differences of opinion and are admissible by law.

Urext Ltd does not record all these conversations and may only have records of some of them.

Outside contractors or service providers may request copies of the recorded conversations if they exist.

Please ensure you read the full terms and conditions as published here so that you may avail yourself of those that relate to you as a contractor or service provider.

Your privacy is very important to Urext Ltd.

Our complete Privacy Policy can be found here: 

Your privacy is very important to us. We have a strict policy with regard to any information that we hold concerning our users, clients and instructors. We have various methods of collecting email addresses of interested parties to our services. If you have provided us with your email address we undertake (concerning data protection) that we will not disclose your email address or any personal information to any third parties. You must also be aware that if you have provided us with your email address on any of our websites, or directly to our client managers, we will send you mail shots regarding our products and services. You are welcome to unsubscribe or notify the company if you do not wish to receive this information or be on our mailing lists. You may contact our office to unsubscribe or simply do that from any of the emails that we have sent you as part of a bulk mailing.

You can unsubscribe directly here


Solving Problems for You. (Complaints Procedure)

Please do not shirk from contacting us if you have anything that we can help with. We will not ignore you and it is important to us at Urext Ltd to resolve any difficulties you may be facing where we can be of service. We will listen, read, think and help where we can. 

Website Disclaimer - Clarification on Service Costing.

Please note costs and services displayed on this website are indicative and may change from time to time without notification or being noted on the website. Our client managers will, after consultation with the client (student), provide costing per the requirements of the client (student). Course and service costs can be obtained in writing and may differ from what is displayed on the website. It is agreed by the parties that quotes provided in writing are binding between the parties. Further cancellation or partial charges may differ from the original quote if the overall quote is not accepted by the client (student).  The original quote will be valid for 30 days from the date it has been offered.  

General Terms and Conditions

On agreeing to take driving lessons from Urext Ltd and/or purchasing our services or products and/or contracting to provide us with goods or services, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Urext Ltd reserves the right to alter or amend the Terms and Conditions, fees and requirements. It is your responsibility to clarify any points that are vague or not understandable to you.

Please be aware that our services are of a consultative and expert form. When you as a client contact Urext Ltd and interact in any form with our client managers and staff they will immediately start arranging your course on request. Once you have paid a deposit and/or instructed Urext Ltd our client managers and staff will be using our facilities and expertise to make arrangements, bookings, record data and communicate on your behalf. Please be aware that these services will immediately have cost implications on your account. Unless you discontinue our services, instructing us so explicitly, Urext Ltd will keep your details on our system, and continue looking for a test for you in terms of your requirements for up to six months.

When you book theory tests, driving lessons, PASS guaranteed courses, intensive driving courses, automatic intensive driving courses, Guaranteed PASS automatic intensive driving courses, driving test cancellation booking services, driving test booking services, and or any other services offered by Urext Ltd, you agree and appoint Urext Ltd to act as your agent with immediate effect. You agree to receive driving lessons from an instructor franchised to us or pre-approved by Urext Ltd, us making arrangements for evaluation lessons, us booking theory tests on your behalf as and when required, our booking and cancelling practical driving tests as and when required and/or provide you with other services. On instructing Urext Ltd you agree to our Terms and Conditions and accept them in full as published from time to time on our website.

Quotes provided by Best Driving School's staff will be valid for 30 days only unless the quote is in terms of a special or promotion by Best Driving School, if so the Terms of the Special or Promotion will take precedence. Quotes provided by Urext Ltd staff and or quotes in terms of specials and promotions will be adjusted accordingly, with the amended amount charged, should the DVLA practical or theory test fees change, irrespective of the 30 days stated above. Quotes will also be amended to include VAT if the quote was given on or after 4 April 2023, our VAT registration date. Additional lessons booked on or after 4 April 2023 will also be subject to VAT.

Driving lessons and intensive course fees are payable in advance, at the latest on the day before the lesson. All intensive driving courses, PASS guaranteed courses, guaranteed PASS courses, 'crash courses', assessments, mock tests, evaluation lessons, and/ or intensive lessons have to be paid in advance. Test Booking fees, for theory tests and practical driving tests, need to be paid in advance. If Urext Ltd elects to make these payments on behalf of the student before having received any funds, the student needs to effect payment within 24 hours of the said booking. The DVLA test fees will be charged at the rates imposed on Urext Ltd and the student agrees to reimburse Urext Ltd accordingly for the test fees as well as administrative fees for providing the service. 

  • Driving lesson and driving course fees may be amended in specific instances, including but not limited to,
  • replacing the driving instructor, where the driving instructor charges a higher rate per lesson
  • a course conducted over a period longer than 90 days
  • significant changes in fuel prices

All evaluation lessons, assessments, and test fees and or test arrangements are to be paid for in full at least 24 hours in advance of the actual date/test. Any test bookings need to be paid in full 3 clear working days before the test date and cleared into  Urext Ltd's account on or before 4 pm on the 3rd working day. The only exception is a short notice test,  the fees would be payable at least 24 hours in advance of the test date. Urext Ltd reserves the right to cancel any tests/services not paid for fully in advance. The client will be liable for any such costs that have been incurred and not paid by the client timeously. Once the client has accepted a booking, be that theory or driving test lessons or evaluation and assessment lessons, the client is liable for all fees and costs associated with such booking and work done on behalf of the client. Furthermore, the client will be liable for all costs incurred in recovering the debt so incurred by the client. The client accepts that invoices/monies due may be adjusted following DVLA test fee changes. Changes in money due may alter as a result of Saturday or after-hours test bookings on behalf of the client.

We will not disclose or use any information provided to us by any third parties. When a student provides us with the necessary information that is needed to make bookings on their behalf the student accepts that we need to disclose this information to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA) and the relative authorities to enable us to act as the agent for the student. The student acknowledges and accepts that we may use our address and details on behalf of the student. The student accepts that our appointment as agent authorizes us to act as the full legal representative of the student as far as the DVLA and DVLA are concerned. The student also agrees and fully authorises us that we have the right to book tests, (theory and or practical driving tests) cancel tests, and move tests on behalf of the student at our sole discretion.

If a guardian, parent, partner, brother, or sister provides us with information regarding a student, instructs us, or makes a payment on behalf of a student they agree to be jointly and severally liable, and accept these terms and conditions as applicable to themselves and the student. Instructions given by guardians, parents, partners, or direct associates, concur that they have the necessary authority to act on behalf of the student and incur liability and acceptance of our terms and conditions upon themselves and the student.

We do record telephone conversations from time to time for training and contractual referral purposes. Because it is of paramount importance for us to work under the instructions given to us by our clients it becomes necessary to record the telephone conversations between the client and the operator. Urext Ltd also records calls from time to time from those entities who provide us with goods or services.  Not all our calls are recorded but the operator will not necessarily inform you, the client if he or she records the call. Please be aware that we may if necessary produce such recorded calls in case of queries or for contractual matters. By not opting out of having the calls recorded, informing the operator that on each specific occasion that you do not wish to have the call recorded, you the client, therefore, agree that calls may be recorded and may be referred to for contractual purposes by Urext Ltd if necessary. The client may request in writing if he/she requires copies of such recordings, should they exist. Urext Ltd by inference does not undertake to record all or any specific discussions between the client and Urext Ltd.

Not all our calls are recorded but the operator will not necessarily inform you, the client if he or she records the call. Please be aware that we may if necessary produce such recorded calls in case of queries or for contractual matters. By not opting out of having the calls recorded, informing the operator that on each specific occasion that you do not wish to have the call recorded, you the client, therefore, agree that calls may be recorded and may be referred to for contractual purposes by Urext Ltd if necessary. The client may request in writing if he/she requires copies of such recordings, should they exist. Urext Ltd by inference does not undertake to record all or any specific discussions between the client and Urext Ltd.

Urext Ltd by inference does not undertake to record all or any specific discussions between the client and Urext Ltd.

Any extraneous or external costs incurred by/on your account are payable by you. These extraneous costs may include DVLA theory test fees, practical driving test fees, insurance costs, finance and or credit and debit card charges, bank charges, test booking costs, test cover charges,  administration charges and extend to administrative and legal charges. The list of charges is not exhaustive but is only by way of example.

We cannot be held responsible for payments made by you to your instructor or payments made regarding an offer or tariff which does not appear on our site. We strongly suggest that you make any payments directly to Urext Ltd.

Where we accept work from instructing agents outside our organisation, the client and instructing agent are jointly and severally liable for the associated fees and costs. The instructing agent and client agree; (1) to abide by our terms, conditions, and fee structures, (2) our terms, conditions, and fees take precedence over any other terms, conditions, and fee structures privately agreed between the client and his instructing agent.

A clear two working days' notice is required for cancellation of a lesson or lessons (48 hours). If the required notice is not provided, you will be held liable for the said lessons, cancelled or not attended without the prerequisite notice. If you cancel a pre-paid driving lesson without the required notice, your account will be debited with the cancelled lesson fees. Instructors have to book space in their diary for your lessons AND you are employing a professional driving consultant for the time set aside. The driving instructor reserves the right to enforce, waive or amend the cancellation charge.

A cancellation fee of 13% and any costs that have been incurred in the form of bookings and administration fees are payable on all intensive Courses cancelled after booking the same. The cancellation invoice will reflect the fees incurred in as far as bookings and administration fees that have been incurred by the work done for the client and a further 13% of the cost of the cancelled course. (Also see booking fees below)

If a block booking is cancelled a cancellation fee of 13% is payable on the value of the Lessons paid for under the block booking and not on the discounted value of the Block booking. If any of the lessons that fall within the block booking have been completed they are charged at the original fee rate and not at the reduced rate average of the block booking.

Refunds are processed over 45 days. On cancellation, we need to verify with the various departments and instructor/s what services were used by the client and what amounts are due to expenses incurred by the actions of the client. Cancellations are to be requested in writing and the matter is then referred to Urext Ltd's accounts department for reconciliation.

Refunds are issued by Urext Ltd to the account from which the client originally made the payment. To process a refund, the client is required to provide proof of the original transfer, including the bank details, to verify the accuracy of the provided information.

This verification process ensures that the refund is credited to the correct account and minimizes the risk of fraudulent activity. By requesting proof of the original transfer and verifying the bank details, Urext Ltd aims to maintain transparency and ensure the appropriate handling of refunds.

Booking fees, admin charges, and any client engagement fees and charges are not refundable.

Urext Ltd Ltd. reserves the discretion to enforce, waive or amend the cancellation charges and fees.

All clients, students, and instructing agents agree unconditionally that on default of any payment due in terms of Urext Ltd's 'Terms and Conditions, they will carry and be liable for all administrative and legal costs for the recovery of outstanding debts.

If a client or student incurs any erroneous costs or additional charges that require additional engagement and work by the staff and instructors of Urext Ltd or due to false or unfounded allegations that require engagement and administration time by Urext Ltd staff and instructors they (student/client) agree to pay any time, administration and costs (internal and external) associated with such actions. You, the student/client, further agree that all costs associated with the administration and recovery of all fees so incurred for tuition, administration, and legal actions are for your account and that this includes all costs associated with the recovery of any fees due. Urext Ltd undertakes to notify the student/client and keep a proper record of such costs incurred on behalf of the client/student.

The student agrees that Urext Ltd may publish any photographs or videos that have been taken by Urext Ltd or its instructors. These photographs and videos become the exclusive possession of Urext Ltd. The photographs and videos so captured will be used for promotional and internet purposes only. Urext Ltd will not be restricted in its discretion as to how these videos and/or photo-graphical material are used. If the student does not wish to have this material used he is to contact Urext Ltd in writing to discuss the situation timeously.

Once a practical driving test or theory test has been locked in and confirmed by the student, the student is liable for all the costs relating to the practical driving and/or theory test. A practical driving test and/or theory test cannot be cancelled without incurring costs unless there are three clear working days leading up to the driving test. Urext Ltd undertakes to do everything within its ability to assist the student in completing his driving course and the hours required leading up to the test. Urext Ltd cannot be held responsible for the mechanical breakdown of the instructor's car nor natural occurrences that may be assigned in legal terms to force majeure during the tuition period leading up to the test.

When a client books a driving course with Urext, the course cycle is deemed complete when the course concludes with a practical test attended by the client, whether the client passes or fails the practical test. There are various circumstances, for example, cancellation of a course by a client where the course is also deemed concluded; where a client completes driving lessons, confirms a driving test booked, and does not attend the driving test due to personal circumstances, or the DVLA moves the practical test date. The stated list of deemed completed courses is not conclusive. A driving course cycle is deemed concluded when a client has a driving course with Urext, completed lessons, attended a driving test booked by either the client or Urext in the course cycle, and failed or passed the driving test so booked. A test booking service cycle is deemed completed on the ‘locked in’ test date, the test date booked by and confirmed with Urext Ltd, whether the client completes, passes or fails the test.


Test Booking Services

Urext Ltd will do everything in its power to arrange tests (Theory and Practical driving tests) according to the student's requirements.

The fee for the test booking service consists of the DVLA fee of £62 for a weekday test or £75 for a weekend or bank holiday test, our administrative fee to provide the service and VAT. An invoice will be provided on request.

Once Urext has offered a test to the client, which is accepted by the client, Urext Ltd's liability in terms of the contract has been completed. Urext Ltd will send the client reminders of the test and also notify the client should we become aware that your driving test appointment has been moved or cancelled by the DVLA. We can advise you on how to deal with test moves or cancellations but it is not in our contractual remit to resolve it for you. The only time Urext Ltd will have a contractual obligation to assist you in such circumstances is when you have paid a Test Cover Charge to Urext Ltd as part of your administration fee.

When a test is booked by Urext Ltd or one of our subsidiary companies managed by Urext Ltd to facilitate driving test bookings and courses, we use a unique email address for the test booking confirmation. Should the unique email address be changed by the student or their agent, liability for changes to the test date, including test changes by the  DVLA, reverts to the client.

If Urext Ltd has successfully booked 5 (five) or more tests according to the student's requirements, under the same cycle, then it will be deemed by the parties that Urext Ltd has executed its responsibility under the contract. This is subject to the student having successfully communicated any changes to the driving tests at least three working days in advance of the practical driving test in each instance. Any further changes to driving test bookings within the highly changed cycle will be subject to a £25 (twenty-five pounds) charge per further booking. If a student, in a course or on booking services has accepted and confirmed a test booking and then wishes to change the booking then a further £25.00 will be applicable, provided this is not within the 3-day mandatory cancellation period limit.

If a student has been offered a driving test that falls within their specifications, as provided by Urext Ltd, and they then cancel the service or course, they will be held liable for the full costs. The exception to the above is, should the client notify Urext, before the expiration of the 3 working day’s notice required by the DSA that they no longer require the test so accepted, allowing Urext to cancel the test, the client would incur a £19 administrative fee only. Notification of the test cancellation needs to be communicated to the Client’s Client Manager during working days, office hours, weekends are excluded.

Driving Test Attendance - Onus on the Instructor

When a student is scheduled for a driving test. The student agrees that in all circumstances, the instructor has the exclusive right to withhold his or her car for the driving test if he/she deems the student will endanger himself/herself or the vehicle and/or the examiner in question. The driving instructor engaged by the student, through Urext Ltd, will make every attempt to notify the student, of his/her possible intention that he/she may withhold his car for the driving test booked. The onus as to whether the driving test goes ahead in the instructor's car is solely at the discretion of the instructor presenting the student for the said driving test. Provided there is sufficient time when notified by the instructor that he/she may make an impending withholding decision, the student may appeal for an evaluation to the administrative staff of Urext Ltd Ltd. Unfortunately, this is not always possible if it is too short notice before the driving test. The onus as to whether the driving test goes ahead or not in the instructor's car is subject to the instructor agreeing to provide his/her car to be used by the student for the test. The instructor may withhold his/her car at any time before the driving test and/or may terminate the test at his/her discretion if he/she is present in the car during the driving test.

If the student is in any doubt as to whether the instructor will allow him to use the car for the said driving test, the responsibility for avoidance of doubt falls on the student. The student must approach and get clearance from the instructor for the use of his car for the driving test booked.

If any questions arise as to the possible withholding of the car for the driving test the student must immediately contact Urext Ltd's administrative staff to clarify any misconceptions which may arise from such situations. This does not deter from the decision right of the instructor to withhold his car for a driving test or terminate a driving test if he so deems fit.

If the instructor is in any doubt as to whether the driving test should proceed in his/her car or not he/she may ask the student to be present during the driving test. If the student refuses the instructor's presence during the driving test the instructor may under these circumstances refuse the use of his/her car for the said driving test.

Driving Test Procedures and Cost

It is standard practice for Urext Ltd to allocate four (4) hours on the test day to facilitate picking up, a warmup drive, the driving test itself and a debrief and drop off after the driving test. Our invoices accurately reflect the charges applicable to each course. The hours for the driving test are not listed separately on our invoice but are included in the overall hours of the course. It may be necessary for the driving instructor to increase or decrease the number of hours allocated on the day of the test. In circumstances where adjustment is required, the number of hours allocated to the driving test, taken from the overall hours on the invoice,  will be discussed with the client beforehand. If this matter has not been raised by any of the parties involved in the administration, management, and tuition of the course the standard practice of four (4) hours will be applied towards the driving test. As there are various variables in and around the day of the test, it does not necessarily mean that the full four (4) hours will be spent by the client with the instructor and his car. If the hours expended on the driving test are less or more than four (4) hours, then unless by prior arrangement, the bill for the driving test remains at four (4) hours.

Confirmed Test booking Cancellation procedures

In cases where a student has confirmed and accepted a practical driving test or theory test and he/she wishes to then cancel or change the test date, the following terms are applicable. 

The test accepted and confirmed by the client is deemed ‘locked ‘ in by the client, signalling the conclusion of the test cycle. The test cycle will continue and the test date changed should the client notify Urext Ltd that the test date needs to be changed. Urext Ltd will proceed to move the test to a different, suitable date.

Changing or cancelling a test that has been previously confirmed requires email or text message (in writing) confirmation from a Urext Ltd client manager. The onus is on the student to make sure that the test cancellation or change is confirmed back by the Urext Ltd team member or client manager in writing.

 If the student has not had this confirmation then the student can still be held liablelondon for late cancellation and will need to carry the costs so incurred.

The student must effect the change 3 (three)  clear working days before the test date to avoid liability. Working days for purposes of this definition will not include public holidays or Saturdays and Sundays. 

If a client has confirmed and accepted a practical test and changes or moves the ‘locked in ‘ test date without notifying Urext Ltd of the change, Urext Ltd will not accept liability for such changes. The test cycle and Urext Ltd’s liability towards the student concluded when the test was ‘locked in’ and confirmed by the student.


The address given for correspondence will be deemed as the serving address for all notices regarding the recovery of fees and costs. If any client or entity wishes to use an alternative address or amend his address, he is to serve written notice on Urext Ltd at Urext Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, Londono, England N1 7GU and send an email of the same to  support@urext.com for such change.

It is agreed that mobile phone communication in the form of text messages will be deemed contractual and can be awarded the same value as any other form of written communication.

Replacing the Instructor

You may alter or replace your Instructor within Urext Ltd without incurring any penalty provided we have an alternate instructor working in your area. Alternatively, you may elect to travel to meet an instructor for a lesson/lessons to accommodate your learning experience.

Home Pickup / Meeting with the Instructor

We do not guarantee home pickup. Urext Ltd will do everything possible to arrange home pickup for the students. However, this is may not always possible due to the location in which the student lives, traffic conditions, or the availability and location of the instructor.  Urext Ltd will always try to get the students' driving lessons and courses arranged at the closest and most suitable driving test centre. If the student requires home collection the student must inform Urext Ltd of this at the outset when the arrangements for the course are made. Please note that Urext Ltd cannot guarantee home pickup even under these circumstances.

Free Evaluation Lessons

Please note that free evaluation lessons and free test bookings are subject to you having signed up for a full course with us. If you elect not to take a Guaranteed Pass course or intensive course with us then we have the right to charge you for any services offered or given. Free lessons, evaluation lessons, tests or bookings are at the sole discretion of the management of Urext Ltd. Our invoices and documentary communication will reflect services that are to be paid for and those that are free. Please clarify these points with our administration if you are unclear about any of this.

Guaranteed Pass

We cannot guarantee a driving test pass under our normal terms and conditions for the intensive driving courses but we do offer a Guaranteed PASS course on a special contract-by-contract basis for the individual after a full evaluation. We may on request after we have done a full evaluation, offer the client a guaranteed pass course, subject to the contractual terms and conditions entered into,  at a set price per individual. The terms of the Guaranteed pass course will be agreed upon on an individual basis and be mutually signed by the client and Urext Ltd. Under these circumstances, a separate contract will be drawn up for this purpose. Where there are conflicts in the terms and conditions between these "general terms and conditions" and the "terms and conditions as per the designated Guaranteed pass contract ", (if you the student have entered into a Guaranteed Pass contract with Urext Ltd) then the Guaranteed pass contract terms and conditions will take precedence over these general terms and conditions.

Intensive Driving courses Hours

The number of hours for the courses as mentioned on our pages are recommendations only and should be used as guidelines for students to determine the extent and length of the course they require. The number of hours recommended is for the average student and has been determined by previous driving experience and careful consideration of industry averages. The courses are not a Guaranteed Pass course.

We will do everything in our power for the student to be enabled to attend and sit his agreed driving test, passing first time. During your driving course, your driving instructor may recommend booking additional driving lessons to get you test-ready if deemed that you are not test-ready or would not be in terms of the course booked by you. If the recommendation of additional lessons is refused, they have the discursion to withhold their car for your driving test if he deems you not test ready. As recognised driving instructors by the Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency, their professional opinion takes precedence.

You have the option to use 1 or 2 of your driving lesson hours as part of an evaluation lesson by an independent Urext Ltd instructor if you would like a second opinion on the recommended driving lessons required.

If you require a Guaranteed pass course please contact our offices to make the necessary arrangements.

Test Liability Cover

The terms and conditions relating to our practical driving test cover charge when levied take precedence over this clause. In the alternative, we cannot be held responsible for the mechanical failure of the vehicle before or during the driving lesson, driving test, or force majeure. We will endeavour to provide continuous tuition but cannot guarantee a similar vehicle or the same instructor.

Our instructors are registered with the DVLA. If you encounter problems with any of our instructors we undertake to look into the matter and if it is necessary and possible to do so, we will provide you with an alternate instructor.

Our tuition cars are smoke-free, dual-controlled vehicles properly registered and licensed.

All alternative contractual terms and conditions must be confirmed in writing between the parties.

Urext Ltd is not part of the DVLA nor is it affiliated to the DVLA. The instructors that work for Urext Ltd are registered as Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) by the DVLA and are subject to check tests and DBS / CRB checks as required by the DVLA from time to time.


If any provision or part of this contract is found to be unenforceable, invalid, or unlawful by a court of competent jurisdiction under UK law, such provision or part shall be severed from the contract, and the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

The invalidity, unlawfulness, or unenforceability of any provision or part thereof shall not affect the validity, lawfulness, or enforceability of any other provision of this contract unless the severed provision is of such essential nature that the parties would not have entered into the contract without it.

The parties hereby agree that the purpose of this severability clause is to preserve the intentions of the parties to the greatest extent possible within the boundaries of the law. In the event of such severance, the parties shall make commercially reasonable efforts to negotiate and agree upon a substitute provision that achieves, to the maximum extent possible, the original intent and economic effect of the severed provision.

The parties hereby waive any right to challenge the validity, lawfulness, or enforceability of this contract because any provision or part thereof has been severed pursuant to this clause.

Definitions and clarifications:

All references to "Urext Ltd", "we", "us", and "our" means "Urext Ltd Limited Trading as Urext Ltd or Urext Ltd driving schools". Company Registration no: 14444759.

All reference to "Franchise instructor" means "a self-employed driving instructor driving under the Urext Ltd logo or pre-approved instructors who act for us from time to time".

All reference to "instructors", "instructor", "driving instructor", and "driving instructors" means Urext Ltd's franchise driving instructors or instructors pre-approved by Urext Ltd.

All reference to "instructing agents" means any and all external organisations who pass students and clients on to Urext Ltd.

All reference to "you", "your" means "you".

All references to the male gender include the female gender and vice versa.

All reference to the singular refers to the plural, the male gender includes the female gender or vice versa.

All references to "student", and "client" refer to the learner driver or person who is in the process of learning to drive or the guardian, parent or authorised representative acting on behalf of the student.

All references to "agent", refer to Urext Ltd and its employees acting on behalf of the client as a full contractual representative, deputy, or broker including but not limited to the definition as attributed to "agent" in law.

All references to "DVLA" refer to the "Driving Standards Agency". The DVLA is now referred to as the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). All references to the DVLA will include the DVLA. (as per the DVLA website "The  Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA) (Driving Standards Agency, {DVLA}) is one of the executive agencies that form part of the Motoring and Freight Services group, within the Department for Transport (DfT)."

All references to "DVLA" refer to "Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency" and is one of the executive agencies that forms part of the Motoring and Freight Services group, within the Department for Transport (DfT).

All references to Urext Ltd terms and conditions, Urext Ltd T and C's, Urext Ltd T&C, Urext Ltd T&Cs or all commercial terms and conditions which relate to transactions between, clients, students, instructors, and outside providers and service agents are governed strictly under our standard terms and conditions depicted on this page.

We assume that if you interact with Urext Ltd directly by telephone, text message, online forms, emails, or by any recognised form of communication, we accept that you have read and understood these terms and conditions ( Urext Ltd T&Cs ). By interacting with Urext Ltd you accept these terms and conditions ( Urext Ltd T&C ) as the primary terms and conditions of the commercial agreements between you and Urext Ltd unless otherwise agreed in writing.

These Terms and Conditions may be varied from time to time. Urext Ltd cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure affecting services.  The client understands that in circumstances that can be deemed "force majeure"  Urext Ltd cannot be held liable for problems with the delivery of Theory and Driving tests if the time or otherwise if delivery of such scheduled events has been modified, cancelled, or delayed by the DVLA. Urext Ltd will do everything possible to adjust, bring forward, or re-book the affected test (Theory or Practical - subject to availability) to a more convenient time.

These terms and conditions take precedence over any terms and conditions between Urext Ltd and all interacting third parties unless otherwise agreed in writing. Alternative terms and conditions are only acceptable if explicitly nominated, in writing, to take precedence over these terms and conditions ( Urext Ltd T&Cs ).

Please feel free to mention, or write to us if you are not in agreement with anything in our terms and conditions ( Urext Ltd T&Cs ) as displayed and agreed to on this page.